Amsterdam Bronchoscopy, International Course 2020

Participants: pulmonologists, anesthesiologists, intensivists, surgeons (in training), endoscopy nurses.     

Location: VU University Medical Center

Language: English

Registration: open, register here


DAY ONE - Diagnostic Bronchoscopy I - 1 April 

Aim: this module is intended for pulmonologists in training and pulmonologists with limited experience in bronchoscopy. During the course of the day participants are made aware of important background issues such as the technical aspects of the equipment, hygiene/disinfection and team performance. In addition the attendants will learn to master the skills necessary for performing diagnostic bronchoscopy to its full extent in the daily patient care.

08.30    Registration

09.00    Introduction 

09.10    The Art of Bronchoscopy - dr. J.M.A. Daniels 

09.30    Anatomy for Bronchoscopy - dr. J.M.A. Daniels

10.00    Coffee    

10.30    Hands-on session I - Anatomy, Airway Management, TBNA, EBUS 

12:00    Live case I - Basic bronchoscopy/anatomy            

12.30    Lunch 

13.30    Airway Management - dr. J.M. Huitink

14.00    Mediastinal staging (EBUS/EUS-B) - prof. dr. J.T. Annema

15.00    Break

15.15    Live case II - EBUS/EUS-B - prof. dr. J.T. Annema

15.45    Hands-on session II - Anatomy, Airway Management, TBNA, EBUS 

17.00    Summary & close         

DAY TWO - Diagnostic Bronchoscopy II - 2 April  

Aim: this advanced module is intended for doctors with adequate basic bronchoscopy skills who are ready to take it to the next level. During this day the participants are made aware of important aspects of the clinical context and how they can tailor the conditions and team performance in order to maximize the impact of diagnostic procedures. The participants can practice how to adequately prepare and perform a diagnostic procedure with special attention to patient safety and tissue handling.     

08.30    Registration

09.00    Introduction                                                                                                            

09.05    Airway Hemorrhage Management - dr. S. Singh                   

09:35    Navigation for peripheral lesions - dr. V. Lakticova                                      

10.00    Coffee 

10.15    Radial EBUS - how to do it? - dr. P.I. Bonta

10.30    Hands-on session I - Hemorrhage Management, EBUS, Cryobiopsy    

12.30    Lunch

13.30    Advanced Optical Imaging - dr. J.M.A. Daniels & dr. P.I. Bonta

14.00    Cryobiopsy: indications and technique - dr. J.M.A. Daniels

14.30    Hands-on session 2 - Hemorrhage Management, EBUS, Cryobiopsy

17.00    Summary & close     

DAY THREE - Therapeutic Bronchoscopy - 3 April   

Aim: this module is intended to introduce experienced bronchoscopists to interventional bronchoscopy and for interventional bronchoscopists who want to update their skills. Experts in the field will lecture about the latest developments in interventional pulmonology. Techniques such as electrocautery, cyrotherapy, laser, rigid bronchoscopy and airway stenting will be explained. Several hands-on stations will be available to practice these interventions.

08.30    Registration

09.00    Introduction                                                            

09.05    Tumor ablation: Diathermy - prof. dr. R. Lewis

09.35    Cryotherapy, Laser, PDT and other modalities - dr. J.M.A. Daniels                           

10.05    Coffee    

10.20    Hands-on session I - Rigid Bronchoscopy, Stenting, Electrocautery, Cryotherapy

12.00    Lunch

13.00    Rigid Bronchoscopy - Basic techniques and tumor debulking - dr. D. Breen

13:30    Airway Stenting - Indications, stent types, technique - dr. A. Rosell  

14.00    Hands-on session II - Rigid Bronchoscopy, Stenting, Electrocautery, Cryotherapy

16.30    Summary & close     

You have the freedom to register for any of the days or a combination. Prices: one module € 350, two modules € 650, three modules € 800. 

Registration: open, register here

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